Audience with Pope Francis: A Spiritual Journey through Vatican

Enjoy a complete spiritual experience with expert guidance. Participate in the Pope's Wednesday audience and delve into the history of Rome with an informed guide.

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Meeting with Pope

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Rome: Audience Pope Francis with Tour Guide

Embark on a profound spiritual journey with guided assistance during the Audience with Pope Francis in Rome. Immerse yourself in the historical essence of Rome as you participate in this spiritually enriching experience guided by an insightful expert.


Experience a deep connection with Rome's history and spirituality as you partake in the Pope's Wednesday audience. Discover the intricacies of the Holy See and the illustrious history of Rome's pontiffs through the eyes of your knowledgeable guide.


Join this guided tour to explore the majestic St. Peter's Square and Basilica, delving into its significance and grandeur. Engage with your guide who will lead you to your designated seat for the event, ensuring a seamless and spiritually uplifting encounter with Pope Francis.


- Receive comprehensive assistance before and after the Papal Audience.

- Feel a profound connection to Rome's history during this spiritual encounter with the Pope.

- Gain insights into Roman history from a professional guide.

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The meeting point may vary depending on the option booked. It will be communicated accordingly for Group Tours in Spanish and English.


Discover a highly-rated experience, evidenced by the 4.4 overall rating based on 231 reviews. Travelers appreciated the opportunity to witness the Pope and the smooth seating arrangements, though some noted organizational challenges during the tour.

History and Significance of Saint Peter's Square

Saint Peter's Square, also known as Piazza San Pietro in Italian, is a massive plaza located directly in front of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. The square is an iconic symbol of the Vatican and the Catholic Church and holds immense historical and religious significance.

Designed and built by Gian Lorenzo Bernini during the 17th century, Saint Peter's Square is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. The project was commissioned by Pope Alexander VII and was completed in several stages, with the final design featuring a massive colonnade, an obelisk at the center, and two fountains.

The square is shaped like an immense ellipse and can accommodate an astonishing number of people, making it a prime location for significant religious gatherings and ceremonies presided over by the Pope. It serves as a gathering place for pilgrims, tourists, and locals who come to witness various events, papal addresses, and blessings.

Furthermore, the square is adorned with statues of various saints, providing a rich visual and spiritual experience to visitors. It has become a pilgrimage site for Catholics and a symbol of the Catholic Church's unity and authority.

Role and Significance of Pope Francis

Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 17, 1936, is the current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. He was elected as the 266th Pope on March 13, 2013, succeeding Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Francis is the first Pope from the Americas, the first Jesuit Pope, and the first Pope to take the name "Francis" in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Since his papacy began, Pope Francis has been a prominent figure in addressing various social, economic, and environmental issues. He has emphasized themes of mercy, compassion, and concern for the poor and marginalized, urging the Church and the world to prioritize social justice and care for our common home.

Pope Francis has made efforts to reform and modernize the Church, focusing on transparency, inclusivity, and dialogue. He has advocated for interfaith dialogue, environmental stewardship, and a compassionate approach towards migrants and refugees.

His papacy has brought attention to pressing global challenges, including climate change, economic inequality, and social injustice. Pope Francis's emphasis on humility and servant leadership has endeared him to many, both within and outside the Catholic Church.


What is the significance of Saint Peter's Square?

Saint Peter's Square is a symbol of the Vatican and the Catholic Church, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. It holds historical, religious, and cultural importance, serving as a gathering place for significant religious events and a pilgrimage site for Catholics.

What distinguishes Pope Francis from previous Popes?

Pope Francis, the first Pope from the Americas and the first Jesuit Pope, is known for his emphasis on mercy, compassion, and social justice. He advocates for a more inclusive and transparent Church, addressing global challenges like climate change and economic inequality.

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231 reviews

Our tour guide was very kind! Regarding the tour, I believe I could have found a better spot if I had done it on my own and saved the money.

Débora – United States

I wanted to cancel at the last minute because I couldn't attend. I wanted to see if you could change it to another tour or another occasion. Thank you.

traveler – United Kingdom

We were late and lost our tickets.

traveler – United States

You don't need the tour. The tickets are free and available anywhere at any time. It's probably only necessary when there's a great rush, like at Easter or Christmas. The guide did talk about the creation of St. Peter's Basilica, but her English was, to say the least, with such a strong accent that I didn't really understand her.

traveler – United Kingdom

This is a rip-off. "The guided tour" just takes people to the entrance of the auditorium. There is no explanation, no teaching, or anything. They charge us for managing to obtain the tickets at the Vatican office, which are free. That's all.

traveler – Mexico